Monday, September 27, 2010

HH Sunday Night

Wow…what a night! Not only was I running around serving booze in 100-degree weather, but also I managed to take some amazing photos. These ladies really speak LA fashion; making tattoos the most popular accessory and cotton/rayon being the most affordable and wearable fabric in this heat! I mean…I was really surprised when I saw over the knee boots during this heat wave. But hey, we are in Southern California and it was the first day of fall last week, so some have converted and refuse to bring out the sundress again-I get it.

Then, there were the girls who were right on! I’m loving the strapless stripe sweetheart top tucked into the high-waisted black shorts—way fashion forward for Havana. Oh! And the lovely black romper with a signature red lip and wood platform heels-she was definitely working the our tile runway! I was excited to see the ladies who sent a little extra time getting dressed-they seemed to be the ones demanding attention, having their drinks paid for and the coolest (temperature wise). I also saw some major accessories, like the chunky teardrop hoop Tina is wearing. They are unique because they have this look, like they are made of sequins, but actually they are metal (and notice her signature floral tattoo, love her!). And the peep toe pumps with ankle strap chains-these are just the perfect ladylike heel with a hard edge to them. She's fancy, huh?

Of course, there was our typical jeans and a black or stripe tee, which seems to be a huge print option this time a year. Please we mindful of horizontal stripes Latinas! They make you look wider than you are, try a vertical stripe instead, it will help elongate your body. But honestly, come on ladies, try and mix it up!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


What’s up to my fellow Angelinos, to all the beautiful people who live in the sunny state of California and all the fabulous peeps to the east. My name is Natalia Cuevas…yeah nice to meet you all too. I’m really excited about starting this blog, Ryan knows, it’s taken me awhile. I grew up in the rowdy neighborhood of El Sereno, which is located in the eastern outskirts of downtown LA--East Los Shout Out!! My life before college consisted of earning good grades and sports and although it is very embarrassing to admit, I wore sweatpants to school and was a bit of a tomboy. After graduating from Woodrow Wilson High School, I moved to 2 hours south and attended the University of San Diego where I studied English and Business Administration, but in the fall semester of my junior year, I studied abroad and lived in Madrid, Spain for 4 months and from then on my life has never been the same. From then on, Fashion has become my love! Watching all the glamorous Euro street wear, I took notice of a certain confidence, attitude, and emotion these women portrayed, they were in charge and they said so through their clothing. When I returned home, I looked at my hometown with a different pair of eyes-fashion eyes…. and saw it everywhere. So with my blog, I plan to bring the best shopping spots, trends, styling advice, and secrets the West Coast has to offer!
Oh and of course I had to post a photo of my puggies (Queso top, Nina below), they are my babies! I have to work tonight so I will be at Havana House, and if anyone is looking for something to do, we will have DJ Rob and DJ Diablo in the mix with Dano on the mic ("Oh my God!!"). Stop by...oh and Tecate is only $3 tonight! But the best part about working tonight is that I will be taking you to the streets of Alhambra, so we will see what these Latinas are really wearing! Stay tuned...